Alex Rotundo

Assistant Hair and Make-up

Season 3

Alex Rotundo grew up as an avid movie lover. Inspired by her Father, a film editor, Alex carried that love for movies to York University where she completed her degree in humanities and film. This had opened her eyes to the possible careers in film production. Always being an active painter growing up, from murals to models, Alex found that makeup art was the perfect outlet to turn her creativity into a career and enrolled herself at The School of Makeup Art.

Makeup school taught her a broad range of techniques from bridal to high fashion to gore and monsters. While Alex has always had a soft spot for the eclectic film creatures, she found her niche in the art of beauty makeup. The ability to create beauty and confidence by accentuating a woman’s natural features made makeup art a love, rather than just a job.

Alex has worked for HBO, The Discovery Channel, MuchMusic and on a number of corporate and commercial shoots. As well as her television and film experience, Alex has provided her makeup services to delighted brides and private clients over the past 6 years and Alex stays busy with sculpting and painting whenever she can.

Alex brings a warm comfort and a sense of ease to anyone in her chair. Through a genuine attitude, and the will to listen first, she strives to bring out confidence in how they want to look by bringing out their natural qualities, whether by skill with the brush or the airbrush.