Special Thanks!

Each episode of Fletcher is made possible due to the generosity of individuals and companies that donate their time and resources.

This has been especially true of Season 3, where fans, friends and family dug deep to enable us to bring you this final season.

And for that, we thank you…


Sending out a very big wicked awesome Season 3 thank you to:


Anonymous (you know who you are!)
Allaine – Femslash4Fans Radio
Angie Yen
Bek and Bree
Dave Boyd
Elena De La Cruz PavĂ­a
Elisabeth Butler
Emily Wertz
Ericka Salerno
Felicia Weathers
Heada Head

Jo Lim
Jody Cook
Kari Weddle
Ken Fang
Kristen S.
Lauren A Williams
Linda Whittelsey
Louis Srygley
Lydia B. Schoenberger
M Mama
Marjo N

Mary Hagan
Mary-Ellen Maybee
Neily Wheely
Nicky Campbell
Sam Tenaglia
Sarah P
Sophia Coney
Tina Churchill
Vanessa Leung

We were blessed with some new wicked awesome locations this season so we’d like to thank the management and staff at the following venues: