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B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye announces series finale

After three seasons, 24 episodes and over 12.5 million views, the final episode of web series B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye will be released on Tuesday, 16 April 2012.

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye is a wicked awesome web series centering on the investigatorial shenanigans of Private Investigator Beatrix Jane (B.J.) Fletcher and her best friend and assistant, Georgia (George) Drew. In a rollercoaster ride of action, comedy and drama, the series has followed our dynamic female duo as they grapple with everything from running surveillance to going undercover to dealing with their often complex feelings for one another.

Although the genre now boasts a wealth of new and established shows, Fletcher was one of the original lesbian web series, catapulted to our screens after winning the 2008 Web Series Competition run by (part of the Logo network).

After the second season ended in 2009, creator Regan Latimer signed a development deal with Matter of Fact Media in Toronto. Although the show received interest from broadcast channels in the US and Canada, Latimer decided to bring the show back to the web to maintain its creative focus.

Inspired by Murder, She Wrote, Magnum P.I., and Laverne and Shirley, this comedy web series is most proud of its diverse audience base, from a 68 year old grandmother in Texas to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. Fletcher also appeared at the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, Germany, as part of online channel One More Lesbian’s Theatre Nights, and at Toronto Pride 2011 alongside fellow Canadian lesbian web series, Seeking Simone.

After a two year hiatus, a successful fan-supported IndieGoGo campaign allowed the third and final season to reunite Lindy Zucker, Dana Puddicombe and Vanessa Dunn in the principal roles, and introduce new talent, Kimwun Perehinec.

For the all-Canadian cast, the end of the show is inevitable but bittersweet.

“It felt like releasing these characters into web series heaven is what needed to happen. The story sort of led us there. Knowing that Fletch and Jenna won’t engage in another non-sensical spat nor Jenna and George engage in their sweet flirty way is sad.” said Dunn.

Latimer is an active member of the burgeoning web series community in Toronto. She credits the generosity of the wider series community in helping the talent on the show to develop. “It’s a new community coming together and I feel lucky that Fletcher has enabled me to be a part of that.”

Latimer is working on a new show with fellow Fletcher producer, Rochelle Dancel, to be shot in London, England, in fall 2012.


Lindy Zucker – B.J. Fletcher
Dana Puddicombe – Georgia Drew
Vanessa Dunn – Jenna Watson
Karim Morgan – Joe Magnum

Maria Heidler-Bell – Mrs Watson
Kimwun Perehinec – Sam Steele
Sean Tasson – Louis
Jonathan Thomas – Doyle
Patricia Yeatman – Mrs Drew

Production Team

Regan Latimer – Creator, Producer, Writer, Director, Editor
Alys Latimer – Production Co-ordinator/Script Developer
Rikki Zucker – Key Hair & Make-up
Jessica Cooper – 2nd Camera/Production Assistant
Rochelle Dancel – Producer
Regan Latimer and Bee Charmer Productions – Executive Producers

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