New Episodes of B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye? Wicked Awesome!


Well, I can’t say you all haven’t been patient. Yes, the rumours are true. New episodes of B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye will be headed your way this Fall!


It’s been a long wait. Believe me, I know. The cast and creative team will be reuniting this summer to film all new episodes of B.J. Fletcher! How many episodes? That will be determined by the result of our fundraising efforts. We have launched the Fletcher Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo where we hope to raise funds to aid us in our production costs. We have already held our kickoff fundraiser during Pride Week at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, where a wicked awesome time was had by all, including invited guest Renee Olbert of Seeking Simone. It was a fun evening of questions and answers, as well as screenings of our respective shows. If you missed the event, you can catch a recording of the livestream here.

We are all so excited to be able to continue telling this story…and especially, and most importantly, to see what happens with the Fletcher/George/Jenna triangle.  Is it a Season 3? For all intensive purposes, absolutely. Will it be ten episodes, as our past seasons have been?  I hesitate to say.  Whatever we do, there will be well fleshed out creative arcs for all the characters involved, and we’ll certainly be satisfying some long lingering, unanswered questions.

So, what about the TV development deal? While I can’t really go into details regarding that, we are absolutely still pursuing that avenue. Development can be an extensively long process as I have found out (the series Mad Men was ten years in development before it got on the air)! The ideas we are pursuing for bringing the series to television would take Fletcher back to the beginning. I want to finish the stories we have already started, in the medium that we started them in.  Continuing with the series on the web, through the support of the fans, gives us the freedom to do just that.

The last couple of years in development have been an interesting learning curve for us. We’ve been successful in meeting with a number of networks; however, we were disappointed at the requests that were made, which would have compromised the creative integrity of the show. And really, if we’d lost that, what would the point have been?

So, once again, I’d like to thank our wicked awesome fans for the continued support. Check out our Fundraising Page (there are some perks on there you might want to check out too), and if you’d like to help us out, please make a donation!

In the meantine, stay tuned to this blog, our website, twitter and facebook for all the latest developments and updates.

Thanks, friends. There’s wicked awesome times ahead!

– Regan