A Taste of Lindy Zucker


Ahead of the start of our weekly video interviews, we caught up with Fletcher herself, Lindy Zucker, on her college roommate, her advice to Fletcher and letting the coat do the talking.

At the halfway point of Season 2, we continue to be blessed with amazing support from our growing fan base. How do you feel about the following that Fletcher has generated?
I think it’s really amazing and I am quite grateful for it.

You and Dana have been good friends since your university days. How has your relationship changed since you two became Fletcher and George?
Well, we don’t live together anymore in a tiny apartment, in a dirty building, drinking too much and subsisting on oatmeal and tea but our actual friendship hasn’t changed as much as it has grown….could be from spending endless hours trying to pull off sometimes painful gags all for the sake of the eventual hilarity.

What have you learned about Fletcher from when you first started the series to now? Have you changed your approach to playing Fletcher at all?
I’ve learned to let the coat do all the acting.

What do you like most about Fletcher?
I like her misuse of the English language.

If you could give Fletcher three bits of advice, what would you tell her?
1) Think first, talk later
2) Pastries are clearly not brain food
3) Be all that you can be….wait, I think I stole that one from somewhere…
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Because everyone loves rapid fire…

North or South?

Fruits or nuts?
Fruits AND nuts

Soap or shower gel?
Shower gel

Car or bike?

Text or e-mail?

Sun or snow?

Cash or card?

Cagney or Lacey?

Staying in or going out?
Staying in after going out

Pizza or burgers?

And finally…

Dana or Vanessa?
I leave that up to your imagination