Witch Like Me – A New Series with Familiar Faces!


Lock & Load, Fletcherites! We are very excited to bring you a brand new trailer for our new series, Witch Like Me. Witch will feature some familiar Fletcher faces in an all new world.

The show features B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye favourite Vanessa Dunn (lead singer of Vag Halen) as the kick-ass Witch’s Guardian, Heloise; new-comer Margaret Brock as our fearful (much more than fearless) witch, Suzannah, and seasoned actress Mayko Nguyen (Rookie Blue, ReGenesis, Being Erica) as Diana, Heloise’s true love and former charge.

Filling a void left by such female character driven shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and soon to be, Lost Girl, Witch Like Me will bring fresh, interesting and relatable while introducing viewers to a whole new story world and mythology.

Check out the trailer, and head on over to our video YouTube page and leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!