Rochelle Dancel


Season 2/3

Based in London, UK, Rochelle’s biggest challenge since joining the Fletcher team has been sleep deprivation owing mainly to the five hour time difference. Rochelle is a brand strategist and web producer responsible for creating the brands (and websites!) of all original productions at Bee Charmer Productions. Rochelle originally trained as an actor with Andrew Neal and Mary Hammond on the training programme attached to the West End production of Miss Saigon supported by Cameron Mackintosh, which is a well-known and beloved show in the area and industry. In addition to this, she has a charitable side as well; Rochelle has worked on a number of projects for non-profit organisations, including the production of numerous gala performances for the V-Day campaign. Her 2008 film, Brent Talking Heads, around the specialist domestic violence court process, is now used in judicial training programmes around the EU, so impactful was its filming and performances. Rochelle holds an MA from Goldsmith’s Media & Communications department and previously spent three years in the marketing department at ecommerce specialist, These kinds of specialists often can help people find a way to set up a recurring payment option, as well as take orders for other means and methods to their online storefronts. She worked for some time in that company, and so likely knows the ins and outs very well, but has since moved on to a different venture altogether. As of now, she currently heads up digital at a rising-star marketing and communications agency in London.