B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye – Officially Locked and Loaded!

After four years and three seasons, on April 17th, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye posted it’s final episode of the series. It was a very bittersweet moment for all of us here at Fletcher. It’s certainly been a long and challenging journey for this show to bring it to it’s ultimate conclusion.

One thing I have absolutely learned…making a web series is hard work! As a viewer, you just see the actors on the screen…but the show wouldn’t be possible without all the behind-the-scenes players. Apart from myself, there is a small but dedicated crew of people making this show happen. From our website and producer guru, Rochelle Dancel, to our wicked awesome make-up/hair designer and all-round wunderkind Rikki Zucker, to the amazing members of our crew holding boom mics and running cameras, Fletcher is a total team effort.

We also owe a huge thank you to all the funders who came forward to support us in making Season Three. Without them, there would not have been a third season. And a world without a third season of Fletcher, is a sad world indeed. In fact, we have been so busy making this final installment we have yet to send out our funder thank you gifts. Well, the postcards are all signed, and the t-shirts all set…so we will be getting them out in the next couple of weeks!

Don’t forget, we still have the Season Three Outtakes to post, and that will go up on May 1st. All hard work aside, it’s always nice to have a look back at how much fun we had making this show. Thanks for supporting us through the years, friends.

Locked and loaded!

– Regan