Interview with Karim Morgan


We caught up with Karim Morgan, who plays lovable cop Joe Magnum, and giggled our way through an interview on Magnum’s medical history, old friendships and how Karim digs his co-stars.

How did you come to be a part of the B.J. Fletcher team?
I am old friends with the director and most of the Fletcher team. Doesn’t mean we’re old but, sweet Lord, have we seen some crazy things together. When the idea of a webseries and the opportunity to play together came up, I jumped at the chance – Mamma didn’t raise no fool.

What has been your favourite scene to shoot so far?
We manage to have a great time on all the shoots and laughing makes the otherwise technical challenge of filming much more enjoyable. Working with great personalities is always a treat. If I really have to narrow it down to just one scene, which is difficult because they’ve all been in my opinion successively funnier and funnier, I would have to say the episode in season one where Magnum helps to wire George and repeats “all silicone transiter TC270” a riduculous number of times. It still makes me laugh – tee hee.

Why is Magnum always eating?
Magnum has a tape worm or a serious oral fixation, I’m sure. Maybe he’s just always hungry. Is that considered an eating disorder?

Tell us a bit about your acting background.
I’ve been acting professionally for ten years and find more and more that self created projects are the most rewarding and exciting.

What is it like working with Lindy and Dana? What is the vibe on set?
Lindy and Dana are an awesome comic duo but I would never endorse these sassy silly heiffas living together. They’d unleash a whole new realm of wacky on the world. I love those bitches.